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Adrian Garcia Fernandez

Cuban Tattooist who started his love for the arts at age 11 in "Academia de bellas artes San Alejandro" in his native country Cuba . has participated in many art expositions including Tattoo exposition here and in Cuba such as " La tinta expresion corporal" sponsored by The Ludwig Foundation in Cuba.

His tattooing career started earlier in 2007 that led him to move here to Florida Early 2013 where he has participated in artistic exposition and being displayed "Art Fusion  Galleries" in Wynwood, Florida.

Adrian Garcia Holds still the first place in Polynesian tribal here in Florida since 2017. 

After many years of dreaming to open his own studio he now created Black Borneo Tattoos where tattoo dreams come thru and tattoo nightmares are fix!

Raciel Romero


Nicole Marie


Miami, Florida United States

Created By Lazaro Marcia 

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